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Tips for Teams



The selection of team officers is crucial to the team’s success. It is a good idea to select officers that are extremely motivated to run the team and genuinely interested in the team’s success. Teams should have no more than four to six officers. For any team the minimum number of positions required consist of: President/Team Captain. We also suggest the those listed below:


President/Voting Member

Primary contact for all USCSA Southwest communication. The President/Voting Member is responsible for making all executive decisions concerning operation of their specific team. Must attend all official USCSA Southwest meetings and is the voting member of the board of directors of the USCSA Southwest. Responsible for submitting all necessary USCSA Southwest registration paperwork by deadlines. All USCSA Southwest hosting duties fall on the President to arrange with members of the member team.


Marketing/ProDeal Manager(s)

Primary contact(s) for the SCCSC Marketing & Pro Deals Director. Each member team should have either one or two people in this position. The responsibilities should be broken down based on skiing and snowboarding disciplines. The duties of this position will include working towards an increased awareness of the SCCSC in their member community and increased awareness with administration. Responsible for developing an effective plan of disseminating information about SCCSC equipment sponsors in the form of pro-deals. Provides contact information for administration at the member university.



Responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds, and providing financial reports to the Assembly during meetings. The Treasurer sets and maintains the member team budget in conjunction with the President. Assigns fees, collects fines, and reports team status to the President. Primary contact for the SCCSC VP of Finance & Operations.


Race Captain(s)/Seeding Manager(s)

Each member team should have either one or two people in this position to handle all race seeding for the member university. The responsibilities of the seeding officers should be split across skiing and snowboarding disciplines. This position should provide race results to their team members. During racer registration, responsible for all seeding forms and verifying racer status; including, registration fees, academic eligibility, and individual liability release.

Larger teams may find that they need more officers to handle the team’s operations. These teams may have additional officers such as Vice President, Secretary, Fundraising Officer, Team Ski/Snowboard Coaches and Captains.


It is up to the previous officers to select, appoint, or nominate new officers for the upcoming season. Once potential officers have been identified, the team may opt to have elections where each team member votes to select the new officers. With some teams, the Captains are determined by taking the highest ranking officers or racers if no officers have been chosen. However, it is up to each team to determine what officer structure works best for them. Each team must also update the SCCSC Executive Board with contact information for new officers.



Ski & Snowboard Team meetings should be held either every week or every other week during the school year. It is important to start holding the meetings as soon as school starts in the fall. The best days are usually Tuesday or Wednesday nights. If there are interested students who can not attend the meeting due to a conflicting class, make sure to have all of the team information and registration materials given, mailed, e-mailed, on the internet, or available during the day at the team’s recruiting table. 


Most schools will allow you to hold meetings on campus or in the Student Union/University Center. These locations are best as they are easiest for on-campus students and freshmen to reach. Make sure to schedule a room on campus during the end of the school year or during the summer to ensure that there will be space available in the Fall. On-campus meeting rooms fill up quickly and there is a rush to schedule rooms at the start of the year. Make sure that the room you choose for your team’s meeting is accessible, centrally located and easy to find. Many new students will not know their way around campus and may not know where your

meeting room is located.



Membership dues for members can be structured in a number of ways. Each team must determine the best dues structure for their team that corresponds with the team’s expenditures. There are a number of different factors that can determine how much to charge team members:

  • Does your team receive any money from your school?

  • Does your team receive any money from fundraising activities?

  • Does your team rent or lease a house in Mammoth for the entire season or just on a weekend-to-weekend basis?

  • Are team members charged a lump sum at the beginning of the quarter/semester/year that covers their registration costs for the season?

  • Are team members charged registration fees on a race-to-race basis?


It is important to consider these questions and other variables such as fees that teams have to pay to the SCCSC, USCSA and any other school sanctioned fees before deciding on the appropriate amount that covers the costs of running the team but at the same time does not discourage potential team members from joining the team due to high costs.



Some universities require that each club team submit a budget in the beginning of the season to make sure that the teams are fiscally on-track for the season as well as they are used to allocate funding to the specific teams. Make sure that you incorporate all possible costs so you are not running a deficit. Use the provided template as a first start for getting your finances squared away.


This excel document format will allow you to discover what size of a team you want based on the per person dues to join. For any additional advice on budget setting, get in contact with the SCCSC President or Treasurer.




Securing pro-deals on ski and snowboard equipment is also an important part of ski and snowboard team management. Pro-deals can allow team members to purchase equipment, clothing, and accessories at greatly reduced prices before the season starts. Pro-deals can be obtained from almost every major ski and snowboard company in the United States and Europe. However, quantities are limited and sell out quickly. It is a good idea to order equipment as early as possible to ensure delivery before the first race. Pro-deals are considered a privilege and it is important not to abuse this privilege by allowing non-team members to order equipment.


The SCCSC works to securing some primary pro-deals for all the teams in the league. Please check with Shawndrea & Matt D'Ooge for the most current status on league-wide pro-deals: and

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